Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Version 2.7 is now available

I finally got tired of the very bland text colors that I had going on Health Tracker. So I grabbed a new palette of colors and implemented them into our app. I hope you like them. Feel free to post comments to the blog and tell me what you think.

If you are looking for the old forums site it is still around ( and will be for a little while ) at I will no longer be updating the forums. If you don't recall, the problems I ran into with the forums were the hackers, primarily from China, running bots were continuously spamming the forums. I was spending about 30 minutes every day cleaning out the spam. I don't think it was anything personal, just the only forum software available on GoDaddy happened to be the favorite fodder for these types of attacks.


  1. 1) How do I down load version 2.7?
    2) Everytime I make my first food entry for the day I have to reenter my daily Carb maximums. I used to list this just once and change it when I wanted to. How do I change this? Thanks, Brad

  2. This is not an easy way to communicate with you!!! Is there an easier way - you have a great app but I don't like this blog thing. Sorry, Brad

  3. Hi Brad - The blog thing is not terribly handy but it is free. I currently earn about $10/month so it is difficult to afford a forum software. I like the enhancement to add "starting carbs" to a day. I will look into this. I am pretty sure the most recent version on Play is 2.9. I recommend getting that version.