Friday, July 29, 2011

What's the future of Health Tracker

Health Tracker is in what I consider to be maintenance mode. There are several new features that I would like to add, but none of them are particularly earth shattering. Our tool provides for a small niche of people who are looking for a diary style tracker. The big boys in this space have much deeper pockets and can afford to purchase / build extensive databases.

I was originally offended when I saw a two star review from a free user basically stating that the product NOOM has a much more extensive database. OK so I am still a little offended by her review pointing to a competing product... ( hmm, perhaps I shouldn't have also done the same thing ).

The bottom line is I have been developing software for a few decades and know that we have something useful. If you have fun with our style of product then welcome aboard! If you need something a bit different ask away, I have seen some pretty nice products. ( NOOM and LoseIt are two that I think are pretty cool ).

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